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I am dedicated to helping you elevate your growth while building the life that brings you happiness, purpose and fulfilment  

Life Coach, Mental Health

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I'm Trinh

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Trinh was born and raised Vietnamese, found her home in Singapore two decades ago. Being an extreme introvert and a socially awkward person since her childhood, her transformation throughout her journey was beyond what she believed she could have achieved. She realised that everything is possible with the right mindset. At the same time, she also saw many people who had so much potential yet got stuck in the limiting beliefs which prevent them from being their best and living their best lives.

Working with the emerging generations, Trinh was able to connect well with people from different age groups and levels. She understands the key factor of being a leader in this era is to connect, engage and inspire people. She immersed herself in connecting with her people and guiding them through coaching and mentoring for the past 10 years. She saw the amazing transformation in their performance and even personal lives by just shaping their mindset and making small changes. 

The common set back for all of us is that we do not believe in ourselves enough and we try so hard to be like other people. Little did we know we are special and we are the world's limited edition. We do not need to be other people, we just need to be us. 

" Why blend in when we were born to stand out?" - Dr Seuss

Despite being socially awkward, Trinh overcame her challenges and transformed her life. She had made her mark in hospitality as an Award-winning Hotel Manager. She had successfully opened 6 hotels and was involved in a total of 9 pre-opening Projects in a span of 12 years. She was awarded as one of the 10 most successful Hotel Manager under 40 by Singapore Business Review at the age of 29. However, she knew deep down that climbing up the corporate ladder was not what she wanted. She yearned for something more meaningful, something that makes her fulfilled. She realised that people have always been the motivating factor for her at work and seeing them grow is what made her tick. That's was when she knew she is passionate about helping others to grow and transform their lives. After she found her passion, she aspires to devote her time to give back and inspire others with her stories and learnings of the past 16 years.

Best Hotel Manager
San Francisco

She is a strong advocate for personal growth and she has the superpower to bring the best in people. She coaches and mentors others to break through their limiting beliefs, gain confidence, grow their career and empowers them to become a better version of themselves while enjoying their lives.


After going through the most tragic moment in her life when her beloved Mother left her two years ago, Trinh realised that she had spent too much time working that she missed out on a lot in life. She also learnt the importance of mental health and how much it affected her and her loved ones. Trinh dedicated her time to learning mindful living, researching and getting certified as a Mental Health Counsellor as well as a Coach. Trinh is committed to devoting her time to help and support people who are going through difficult times in their lives to bounce back, realign their purpose and redesign their future. Trinh aspires to build a supportive and loving community for people to reach out so they know that they are not alone.

Live life as how we aspire to and not how we want others to see it" - Trinh Tran Chau

Being positively influenced by her kind-hearted mother, since young, Trinh has always been an advocate for charity activities and encouraging kindness and compassion towards others. She aspires to be a philanthropist who can help less fortunate people and make a positive impact on others and the world. Her vision for her company is to be a loving community that inspires, nurtures and empowers people to thrive, support and share knowledge. 

End of 2020, after she spent 3 months travelling and experiencing life, she finally took the courage to take her first step to quit her promising six-figure career to pursue her passion and make her dreams happen. She had successfully launched her first business which was an online Fashion Jewellery - Trinhique Style, followed by Trinhique Consultancy, GLOW journal and GLOW SPACE .


In her new journey, Trinh discovered more potential than she did and she was able to utilize her talents and creativity beyond what she could imagine. Most importantly, she was able to live her life more mindfully on her own terms while continue making a positive impact in the world and helping others to do the same. 

Mentor, Life Coach
Mentor, Life Coach

" Read more. Travel Often. Be curious. Meet more people. Be open. Listen to more perspectives. Change up. Explore further. We can't know what we love more if we only experience one or two things in life " - Trinh Tran Chau

Let your journey begin

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