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Gratitude. Love. Original. Wisdom.

These are the 4 core values that guide us in our daily lives:
We practise Gratitude daily. We do everything with Love. 
We are Original. We constantly seek Wisdom.


To grow a loving and safe space for women to reach out for help, love, positivity, support and share knowledge.


To help others find peace and calm in this busy world while elevating their health mentally and physically.

What is GLOW?

G.L.O.W workshop offers a curated experience that brings you through different guided activities and knowledge sharing with our speaker and community. Our topics evolve 4 pillars: Gratitude. Love. Original and Wisdom. You will also learn how to incorporate journaling into your daily life to help you work through your struggles, create new healthy habits and improve your overall wellbeing.

What can GLOW do for you?

Throughout the workshop, you will learn how to: 

  • love yourself by filling your cup

  • regulate and manage your emotions

  • use positive thinking to train a positive mindset

  • take charge of your mental well-being

  • using journaling as an effective tool to manage your thoughts and emotions

You will be able to continue applying and practising what you learnt during the workshop even after the session to elevate the quality of your life. 

G.L.O.W also creates a safe space and community for you to share, learn, motivate and support each other. We care about you and your experience, the class will be capped at a maximum of 20 people to ensure your experience is more personal and engaging. 

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Who should attend?

If you are a woman who:

  • wants to learn how to love herself more

  • wants to become a better version of herself

  • wants to learn from a like-minded community of women

  • wants to work on her dreams

  • wants to learn more skills to overcome challenges in life

  • wants to generate more positive energy

  • wants a safe and supportive circle

  • wants to improve her quality of life

Package introductory price: 

S$128 per person (U.P $188)

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"I feel more relax and I have a clearer picture of how important self-love is. I learn how essential oils can help with our energy and during the sharing session, I am surprised that there are other people that have the same worries as I do"

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"I walked out with positive thoughts, feeling more confident and loving myself more. I particularly enjoyed the  interactive approach of the talk and the sharing of experiences"

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